...working on the second of the sea otter socks. i guess it pays to look back at the first sock and figure out what i actually did.

i started the second sock on the trip back to the midwest, and somewhere between the layover in vegas and minneapolis i started to notice that the colors were pooling. luckily, i was smart enough to bring the first sock with me - i pulled it out and sure enough the colors were not coming out the same (not to mention that the brown cuff was not the same length).

hmmm, why? 

first thought...i was knitting on the wrong needle size. i checked the stitch tension on the finished sock, compared it to the one i was working on. nope, same tension. i knew that yarn looked like it was meant for a US2. so, what was the problem? i decided that i needed to count stitches. turns out, i cast on 68 for the first sock, and for the second? 

i was only knitting 64.

problem solved. 


Vtknitboy said...

lol. happens to me! no matter how good a knitter i may or may not be, i need to write a little sheet of notes for each project.

sometimes i steal the needles from one project to do a quick other project and insert needles of a different size, then forget to replace the correct sized needles! then it's a mess...

Matt....... said...

I'm suprised that 4 sts made such a dramatic difference! still nice socks though.....where in the midwest were you?

Charles said...
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Charles said...

I agree with the Vtknitboy said!
Sometime...HAHAHA I alway working on first side socks sametime working on other project.(I got so bore working second socks after that)

Alway forgot how much as cast on i did for second socks also the pattern.

I did leson learned from my mistake..(One big thing I hate to fag out everthing.)