don't get too excited

as i've mentioned, i've joined the A Mano Crew to compete in the first ever amanolympics during the 2008 Olympic Games. the mission is to challenge oneself to knit or crochet something before the Games end. The official cast-on time for the amanolympics was during the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies yesterday and must be finished by the end of the closing ceremonies on Sunday, August 24.

last night, a friend had a get together at his place to watch the opening ceremonies and have a little chinese take-out. i guess that was his idea of a "theme". the food and the company was great, and i was excited to cast on. as i pulled out my pattern, i looked it over to get myself oriented. stitch markers, got 'em. yarn, got it. tape measure, check. stitch/row counter. check. size 6 circs...wha...? yup. i totally forgot the needles when packing up my knitting tote.

we had to run out to get the take out before the ceremonies began, and luckily my friend (who is not a knitter nor a crocheter) remembered that there was a yarn shop in the complex where the restaurant was. that feeling of disappointment and slight panic washed away as i heard this news, so we ran over to the shop as the food was ordered.

* for more accurate color representation, see first image in this post

we get back to his place and sit down to watch the opening ceremonies and i start to cast on. not bad since i had to buy addi turbos instead of addi natura (bamboo), which i prefer - especially with the cotton fleece yarn which is kind of slippery for me. so i get 6 rows in and i stop to admire my work (which i highly recommend you do constantly to check for any mishaps along the way) and i notice my gauge is a bit loose, oh great.

i had to put the knitting back in the bag, i guess it wasn't meant to be...so this morning? ripped! i'll be casting back on shortly...


Dave said...

Kinda like when they have a false start in a race, eh. :-)

Good luck!

knitguyla said...

Goes with the territory! I'm jealous, I found A Mano Yarn just before I left L.A. That's a great little store and the owner's super!

James said...

I think knitting will self destruct if the time isn't right. At least you stopped. I would hat eto think what would happen if you kept knitting. You may have avoided a violent explosion.