bath mat

inspired by brooklyntweed's love for garter, i thought i'd take time out from all of my wip's and start this simple cotton bath mat.

i'm basing the mat on the simple cotton bath mat pattern from the purl bee. i've modified the center panel from stockinette to, what else...garter. great U.S. Open knitting project, nothing to distract me from all of the great qualifiers playing this year.

my intention is for this to go in the master bath, where i would need 2 matching mats, one in front of each sink. let's hope that i don't get into the same pattern that i get in with socks, otherwise this mat is going to have to sit by itself in the missing mates pile for a while.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving that color combo!! Can't wait to see the FOs.

Matt....... said...

I knit through the federer match today......Wished I had somebody to actually play with though!