office recycling

ever wonder what the guy in the next cubicle does all day? the next time you go up to the kitchen, take a look at what might be sitting in the recycling bin...you just may get an idea of what your co-workers are up to.

that's right, an empty bottle of jack daniels, skin trip moisturizing lotion, and juice all wrapped up in one cellophane bag. the funny thing is, i know only one person in this office who even knows what skin trip is, and so i think my assumption of who these bottles belonged to are pretty accurate.

this explains why she looked so tore-up this morning.


micah said...

Why you looking through the trash in my office man???

Anonymous said...

Good. Lord.

Tracy said...

That's hysterical! I supose it's smart to have a little "hair of the dog" if you want to make it through work the next day.

RoadSide said...

That is so funny--Everyone knows you throw your empty liqour bottles in the bathroom trash :P