work in progress...

i've put myself on a yarn diet of sorts, although i did just buy some new yarn to participate in ravelympics 2008. whoops. in reality, i wasn't going to partake, but i found a cute cardi pattern that i want to make for my niece on knitty. so i figured that since i was going to make this anyway, and shannita had asked if i was going to participate in ravelympics...i thought i might was well since there was no logical reason not to.

but i digress...

i have been itching to knit up a chevron patterned striped throw, and i just couldn't decide on a stitch pattern to use. well, i did narrow it down to 4 but i realized that i didn't have the right yarn to showcase any of those stitch patterns. so since i had a ton of GGH solitaire and GGH esprit lying around from other projects and projects that never came to be, i decided that a simple garter throw was appropriate for using up this portion of my stash.

as you can tell, i am randomly alternating between the solitaire and esprit, as well as varying the width of the color stipes. it's probably about 12" now and i will just keep going until all the GGH is used up. i just hope it will be enough for a decent finished size.

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Anonymous said...

Yarn diet does not sound yummy.