something went wrong

terribly, terribly wrong.

josh's hat, aka littlelf's hat. (see previous post for accurate color)

project particulars
pattern: spiral hat from the opinionated knitter by elizabeth zimmerman, also known as conch, snail, or Dairy Queen hat.
needles: clover bamboo size US 10.5 dpns
yarn: elann peruvian highland worsted; #726-mid indigo heather and tosca by lang yarns in colorway 8474

the hat's done, but looks nothing like i had expected it to based on the photo in The Opinionated Knitter by elizabeth zimmerman. here's a sample of what it should look like from I Knit: Zimmermad. i chose this hat for it's elfen like quality, but in the end it looks nothing like what it should. i am contemplating doing it over again, but in the end probably won't.


winter prep


it's only september.

yeah, i know but i can already sense the temperature drop in the evening - it's going to be here sooner than we think. i've started a couple of projects to send to my pals who will be stuck with a horrid winter (compared to the lovely mild southern california winters which regardless, i STILL complain about how cold it gets) in minneapolis.

first off is bret's hat.

project particulars
pattern: Swirl Hat by S.M. Kahn (for the life of me i cannot find the link to this pattern) with a modification to the crown shaping, taken from brooklyntweed's Cap Karma crown shaping mods.
needles: clover bamboo size US 6 24" circulars
yarn: elann peruvian highland worsted; about 1.25 skeins of #616-redwood

this was a quick knit, done in just a couple of nights. why did i change the crown shaping? don't ask me, i am too embarrassed to say. in actuality, i THOUGHT i was making cap karma, until i went and looked at photos on ravelry and found that it wasn't at all like what other's had knit. i remembered jared made the mods to his cap karma crown shaping, which i took notes of. so when i started knitting based on the pattern that had written down and started in on the crown shaping, i thought something seemed kind of odd. so then i decided to go look at his blog and compare his photos to my piece. uhm...it was nothing similar. so i thought to check my notes more closely, and what did i write? right at the top in all caps: "SWIRL HAT designed by S.M. Kahn". uh...how did i miss that?!?

second is littlelf's hat.

well, it's really josh's hat, but we call him little elf. i won't go into why right here, but i've started it and should be done soon.


bathmat1, of x's2

ok, #1 is done, needs to be blocked and ends sewn in, but i am going to start #2 tonight, just so it doesn't become like all of my sock projects!! poor singleton socks, my excuse was that it was summer and i had months before the cool weather set in and i needed to actually wear them. well, that time is quickly approaching, so perhaps i need to get on the socks as soon as bathmat2 is done?

look at all the yummy rows of garter!!