something went wrong

terribly, terribly wrong.

josh's hat, aka littlelf's hat. (see previous post for accurate color)

project particulars
pattern: spiral hat from the opinionated knitter by elizabeth zimmerman, also known as conch, snail, or Dairy Queen hat.
needles: clover bamboo size US 10.5 dpns
yarn: elann peruvian highland worsted; #726-mid indigo heather and tosca by lang yarns in colorway 8474

the hat's done, but looks nothing like i had expected it to based on the photo in The Opinionated Knitter by elizabeth zimmerman. here's a sample of what it should look like from I Knit: Zimmermad. i chose this hat for it's elfen like quality, but in the end it looks nothing like what it should. i am contemplating doing it over again, but in the end probably won't.


Tracy said...

It might not be the same but it's still very cute. Look there, you've created you're own hat pattern without even trying!

KnitXcorE said...

did you block it????

maybe you shouldn't? i dunno?

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