after the gauge

so there is knitting still go on around these parts. nothing too exciting though, i finished the center panel of bathmat x2 - #2:

...a couple more rows of the stashbuster throw:

...i have managed to finish the back panel of the urban aran cardigan:

...and all in typical knitter's a.d.d. style, started some new fingerless gloves:


gauge is key

inspired by my move from one part of the office to another, i have started on a project that i have had in the queue for quite some time. you see, i am moving from a quite comfortable (in temperature) part of the office - where i had complete control of the thermostat, to side of the office where the servers are based. which means it needs to be COLD. and it doesn't help that the a/c vent is right above my new spot.

yet another project inspired by jared, the urban aran cardigan, i am having a bit of challenge on this one. based on the dimensions on the pattern and recommended needle size of my yarn, i foolishly started this one without doing a swatch. i know, what do i always tell roy? gauge is key when knitting something ESPECIALLY if you are not using the same exact yarn that the pattern calls for. so for now, the two front panels are coming out WAY too small to fit me.

the good news? let this serve as my gauge swatch.

since starting this post, i have started on the back panel of the sweater, i switched up a half needle size from a US 10 to US 10.5, and also went from knitting up the medium size to the large.

much. better.

the gauge is still not what the pattern calls for, but it's coming out to the dimensions that i want it to be, so now i am a happy boy.


and 30 days later...

bath mat x2 - #2

i've started the second of the bath mats, but i've fallen and can't get up. true to authentic knitter's a.d.d., i haven't touched this project since i started on the hats bound for minnesota.