sock obsession

is it an obsession? perhaps since in the last couple of weeks i have added 11 hanks of sock yarn to a stash that already has enough sock yarn for at least 10 pairs. i am not sure, but one of my recent purchase(s) of sock yarn has spurred me to work on an old wip...the jaywalker.

it's been sitting on the back burner for a while with a case of second sock syndrome, but that didn't stop me from starting another sock (notice i said sock and not pair of socks?). it's a basic 5x1 ribbed sock with a 3x3 ribbed cuff, i am using some panda wool by crystal palace.

the panda wool is 46% bamboo, 43% wool, 11% nylon and it's great to work with and it has a nice loft to it. back to my obsession...i picked up four hanks of sock yarn at stitches west, i guess that's my project plan for this year - nothing but socks? not a bad idea to phase out store bought socks for handmade ones...of course, this brilliant scheme will change once malabrigo march starts.


surprise my VD

while i was out getting my taxes done, a package arrived for me on valentine's day.

a great package at that!! it's from my malabrigo swap partner, megdoula on ravelry.

first and foremost, there are two skeins of malabrigo worsted in vetiver. i have always picked this colorway up at the lys's but have always put it back as other colors have always won out for one reason or another. i am glad that she picked it for me because i think i secretly loved it since it was ALWAYS a contender. the second best thing in there is a set of stitch markers that she made herself with felted beads, which she also made. amazing. she also included a great variety of coffees, some chocolate, my FAVORITE black licorice, and a pom-pon maker. and to top it off, look at that packaging - very green and sustainable!

thanks again megan!


stop calling me shirley

i am making progress with the hexagon throw. i have been working on it in little bits after work at night, i am averaging about half a hex per night that i work on it.

slowly but surely...

and of course, being the ADD knitter that i am, i am working on other projects in between. i've started a new sock with some panda wool that was gifted to me last year. just a basic ribbed sock, i won't bore you with photos of that now, we all know what it looks like when only about three inches down.

my lys scored some new shibui sock yarn, 100% superwash merino and you know i could not pass any of it up.


why i am not martha

because i am not patient enough....

ok, i made this cake to bring to a party last night...needless to say i did not take it. it was my first time using this frosting recipe as seen on martha's show...4c heavy cream, heat on very low with 24oz of chocolate...sounds delish right? then let cool to thicken in the fridge. i didn't wait long enough i guess because the frosting was thick, but still kind of runny....and it soaked into the cake and started splitting it. uhm, yeah. nice as it was about 45 mins before i had to leave for the party. so, imagine the rush of panic and disappointment that flooded over me.

i had the bright idea to use the frosting as a "glue" to hold the pieces together...yeah, that didn't work so well. the more frosting i added, the more it ran down the sides, and into the crevice which then caused it to split more as the two pieces slowly shifted apart.

i stuck it in the fridge and the cold air is what saved it, this morning you can see the structural damage the shifting caused right along the top edge of the cake. perhaps if i planned ahead and added expansion joints, at least it might have still looked pretty...


sweater saved?

upon taking dave's advice, i decided to drag this striped sweater out from the bottom of the knitting bag and give blocking a try. after letting it soak in a nice bath last night, i have to say that it did help the wonkiness a bit.

although it's still noticeable i think i have convinced myself that i will move forward with it...being the perfectionist that i am, i have to keep reminding myself that these are the little things that give our projects that handmade character.

the worst thing that can happen is that i finish the thing and i end up frogging anyway. so what's the harm in at least giving it a fighting chance? the sacrifice of other projects, but that's ok. i'm all for giving the underdog a fighting chance.