my first quilt

well sort of. let's say it's my first FINISHED quilt. since i still haven't gotten around to picking up more white flannel for the backing of the quilt in my previous post, i decided it might be a little smart to practice quilting before doing a large piece.

i pieced together some of the scraps from the christmas lap quilt to make this pot holder:

and i am glad that i did. don't look too close, otherwise you will see way too many mistakes. i take it as a good learning experience though, since now i know what i shouldn't be doing...and what i need to pay closer attention to. MUCH closer attention...like how to properly attach a binding. and properly basting and pinning; i thought i was being smart and efficient by not basting or pinning while quilting this piece..."because it was so small". nope, it doesn't make a difference. especially when you don't have the walking foot on.

i know, all the huge mistakes of a novice quilter.

ok, so after all my learning experiences, i decided to tackle my next project:

the quilt top is done, gotta get going on the next steps...let's see if i was REALLY paying attention with that pot holder.


the lonely square

i was excited that the week was finally over and i had some time to spend working on the quilt i started over a week ago. ok, so i admit, i am a poor planner. it's my first quilt and i got wrapped up in gathering my supplies, ordering fabric and cutting them up into appropriate sizes.

i spent the afternoon laying them out trying to achieve an eye pleasing layout.

now that i look at it again, there are a few things that i would have adjusted. so i started sewing the strips together, careful to line up the flannel backing fabric to the front fabric.

i get close to done with the strips and come to realize that i am ONE SQUARE SHORT of being able to finish the last strip.

so now i am at a stand still, with yet another UFO, since i can't finish piecing the thing together since i have no more of the backing fabric.

perhaps i should learn to count first.


new project

a while ago, my mother gave me a sewing machine. this is the third sewing machine in my possession - all of which i've had for years - and now i have finally decided to sew something. actually i intended to sew since we got back from europe in may, being that i brought back meters of a couple of fabrics from france for various projects around the house.

but i digress...

last week i picked up some great michael miller fabrics from his funky christmas line.

so far i've washed and pressed my fabric, cut into the appropriate size, and am now ready to start the quilting process. it's going to be a christmas themed (in case you haven't already guessed) lap quilt. i figure it's easier to start small before i delve into the bed-sized project for my first attempt (and with plenty of time before the holiday season starts).