the lonely square

i was excited that the week was finally over and i had some time to spend working on the quilt i started over a week ago. ok, so i admit, i am a poor planner. it's my first quilt and i got wrapped up in gathering my supplies, ordering fabric and cutting them up into appropriate sizes.

i spent the afternoon laying them out trying to achieve an eye pleasing layout.

now that i look at it again, there are a few things that i would have adjusted. so i started sewing the strips together, careful to line up the flannel backing fabric to the front fabric.

i get close to done with the strips and come to realize that i am ONE SQUARE SHORT of being able to finish the last strip.

so now i am at a stand still, with yet another UFO, since i can't finish piecing the thing together since i have no more of the backing fabric.

perhaps i should learn to count first.

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