my first quilt

well sort of. let's say it's my first FINISHED quilt. since i still haven't gotten around to picking up more white flannel for the backing of the quilt in my previous post, i decided it might be a little smart to practice quilting before doing a large piece.

i pieced together some of the scraps from the christmas lap quilt to make this pot holder:

and i am glad that i did. don't look too close, otherwise you will see way too many mistakes. i take it as a good learning experience though, since now i know what i shouldn't be doing...and what i need to pay closer attention to. MUCH closer attention...like how to properly attach a binding. and properly basting and pinning; i thought i was being smart and efficient by not basting or pinning while quilting this piece..."because it was so small". nope, it doesn't make a difference. especially when you don't have the walking foot on.

i know, all the huge mistakes of a novice quilter.

ok, so after all my learning experiences, i decided to tackle my next project:

the quilt top is done, gotta get going on the next steps...let's see if i was REALLY paying attention with that pot holder.

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ShortcakeScraps said...

This looks great! I love the colors you used in the pink, green, and brown quilt. Good luck!!