obsessed a little?

so what does it mean when you go into your craft stash and are looking for something specific and come across some origami paper and the first thing you think to yourself is, "god, i wish those were squares of fabric..."

yes, i've been bitten by the sewing bug. more specifically, the quilting bug. i have been researching good machines that will handle quilting, and have come to realize that i'm going to have to fork out a small fortune for a quality piece. i've been tirelessly researching, and have determined the features i would like the machine to have based on the wants/needs list from sew,mamma,sew!

i made the mistake of "dropping in" to a sew and vac shop for a few minutes today, and i cannot stop thinking about all the pretty toys in there!!

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Melissa said...

I suggest going to a quilt shop that also sells machines because you are more likely to get better long-term sewing/quilting support there. They often offer free classes to those who purchase the machines from them, and you can get discounts on accessories, etc.
Yes, you'll get "service" support from a sew-vac store, but you'll have to pay for the service either way.
And personally, I'd rather buy a sewing machine from someone who sews...