later on...we'll conspire, as we dream...by the fire.

i guess depending on your mood as well as the season, you can interpret the above in different ways.

diagonal madness, finally.

so i finally finished this Diagonal Madness. you remember, the one i started back in july? after the debacle of the month, i put this one on the non-urgent priority list and it hasn't resurfaced until the recipient's due date drew closer. well, little paulin finally came into the world yesterday and it needed to be done before he got here.

the pattern is based on the 'diagonal madness' quilt found in kaffe fasset's Country Gardens quilt book. if you look closely, you will notice a number of things: a) my version is quite pared down, b) no bordering 9-patch, c) my emphasis on the smaller squares going perpendicular to the larger squares on point are much subtler than the pattern calls for.

ok, it boils down to i did a lazier version of the real thing.

i backed this one with a row pieced together with the left over patched that didn't make it to the front, along with some kona cotton in brown. the binding was attached on the back, and topped stitched onto the front which created this great line of stitching alongside the binding fabric on the back.


baby knits

seems like everyone is having their baby this holiday season, i have been busy knitting up some little gifts. unfortunately i don't have photos of all the little hats, but here are a few that i managed to snap...

from natural knits for babies and moms, the hat from the Blanket and Hat pattern for newborns:

i used malabrigo twist for both of the hats, and i just loved working with this yarn. the finished product was so soft and squishy like no other malabrigo i have used before! want to knit another project with yarn again soon.

based on the pattern for cotton stria stripes from itty bitty hats:

thanks to ari for sending pictures modeling her new hats, paulin isn't here yet to model his, i am sure i will get some photos after he comes into the world next week! i wasn't able to snap a shot of the hat for shane before i had to send it off in a christmas package to the midwest, and in the works is a hoodie also for baby shane.


quilt for michael

way back when...i think it was early june, michael z. asked me to create a quilt for him. the only parameters he gave me were it had to be blue with a hint of orange, he asked that i avoided florals, and it didn't matter about the pattern/design.

sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes... not so much.

i really struggled with the design part of it...did i want to go simple and modern? did i want to go funky or wonky? what about traditional or basic patchwork? nevermind, i'll go choose fabrics first - that's always fun.

the first thing i did was chose six fabrics in varying shades of blue, two more with orange in them, and one main orange fabric. once my order was placed (thanks to cynthia from fabricworm for all her help) i went back to wracking my brain and searching the internets for inspiration. still no luck.

then one day, while i was watching episodes of quilt in a day on my DVR, eleanor burns was demonstrating the silent star and comfort quilt. ding ding ding! for some reason, that block pattern was calling out to me.

in eleanor's demonstration, she uses lattice and cornerstones between the blocks. i felt that butting the more traditional block pattern up against each other would make the quilt seem more contemporary, so i left that out. to create a visual consistency since there was so much going on with the varying shades of blue and different types of pattern in each fabric, i decided to use aqua and white in the corners of the blocks to create the hourglass effect connecting the blocks.

the whole process took me quite a long time to complete, but in the end i am very happy with the quilt...i almost didn't want to give the quilt to it's new owner!


seeing red

i am working on a couple of quilts for a friend. it's taking me a bit longer than i would like, what with summertime activities and day to day life and all, i am actually getting to sew bits here and there. also, the designs i chose to do are bit more time consuming than i expected.

can you tell someone likes red?

so for the last month or so, my sewing room (aka dining room) has been a mess. and it looks like it will remain so for quite some time.


mom's birthday quilt

my mother recently asked me about making her a quilted "runner" for the foot of her bed. i didn't exactly know what that was, but when she explained that it was merely a strip that is put at the foot of the bed for decorative purposes, similar to a table runner. i asked her why not just get a regular sized blanket and fold it up lengthwise and keep it on the foot of the bed? that way if she got cold, she could unfold it and actually use it rather than have something there that doesn't serve a purpose.

this was the same weekend of her birthday, so imagine her surprise when i gave this quilt to her. she even exclaimed that it was the exact color scheme she chose to redo her bedroom in. a tangerine feature wall behind her bed, with sort of a grayish tan for the other three walls, with yellow accents around the room. perhaps i had a premonition?

backing is kona cotton in tangerine, binding is kona cotton in stone. front pieced with joel dewberry's aviary in yellow, sunburst in yellow, woodgrain in yellow and del hi monarch by valori wells. the first photo of this post shows the color most accurately.


riding high in april, shot down in may

can anyone see it?
diagonal madness is driving me mad.

so, i started by piecing squares then arranging them into rows and sewed them together. then i started on one end, sewing the rows together until i got to the longest point in the middle. to make things easier on myself and avoid handling too much bulk, i decided to start on the other end and then sew the two halves together.

take a closer look at the two halves.

i have flipped the rows inadvertently on the second half so the two halves don't match up. now i'll be spending the day with my trusted seam ripper separating the rows on one half and resewing.


tardy for the party

as much as i draw inpsiration from perusing through kaffe fasset's quilt patterns, it hadn't occured to me to join in on a quilt along (which started on april 13th) until just the other night. i mean, i already started a diagonal madness quilt a few weeks ago...

and yes, i did cut into those erin mcmorris fabrics already. i just couldn't resist. i am going to make the yellow potpourri quilt with those. so with two kaffe fasset quilts technically started, i decided to join the quilt along being sponsored by STC Craft in celebration of the publication of kaffe's new book Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts.


everyone could use a little enhancement

i am very excited to have a new project in queue featuring these gorgeous erin mcmorris fabrics.

i managed to acquire the wildwood fabrics when they first came out, and sort of had buyer's remorse - it was one of those impulse buys and once i got them home i had no idea what to do with them. there they sat in the very small stash that i had started and i kept going back to them trying to figure out what was going to become of them.

then finally her new line, weekends came out. at first i thought they weren't really my style, until i started flipping through my kaffe fassett books (which i do quite regularly) and inspiration struck. i had the brilliant idea of adding to the wildwood cuts i already had and of course they coordinate beautifully.

now i am dying to start this project, even though i already have 4 wip's (not including my knitting wip's which i am too embarrassed to start to count) that need to get done. but anyone who knows me won't be surprised if i start cutting into these by next week.


it's already the end of february

and here is the first of this year's projects...

this is a quilt i made for my MIL and although it looks like it, it's not a valentine's day quilt - she LOVES red. while i was piecing the blocks i kept thinking about how individually they looked like starlight mints and how i secretly wanted to keep them for myself.

the front is pieced with red & white cotton prints i picked up from various vendors at the pacific international quilt festival i went to up in santa clara last october. the lattice is kona cotton by robert kaufman in sky and the cornerstones and binding is a blue & white with red accent reproduction fabric.

the back is pieced squares of kona cotton in tomato and a red batik.

and the last of last years...

i gifted this quilt to my grandmother this past christmas and i swear i have never seen her so excited about anything. nothing beats the feeling that you get with a reaction like that from something you made for someone.

quilt top pieced with frabrics from a batik inspired sweet treat fat quarter set by pincushion boutique and kona cotton in violet and orchid. the binding is also kona cotton in purple.

back is more kona cotton in ash, quilting done with a purple shade of g├╝termann 100% cotton thread.



still catching up with posting late 2009 projects...

halloween 2009 quilt.

quilt top made from one of the halloween themed sweet treats fat quarter sets by pincushion boutique and bound with black kona cotton by robert kaufman.

quilted with black thread and a wobbly stitch to keep it "scary", looking like spider webs (?)

back is also kona cottons. the finished size of this one is 32x49, kind of small for a lap blanket but i didn't plan much with this quilt, just kind of started cutting and piecing and before i knew it i had the binding on and i considered it might be a bit little.


playing catch up

...or is it ketchup?

2009 Holiday Quilt - finished

this quilt was done with the 2009 collection of Michael Miller FUNKY CHRISTMAS fabrics, and backed with Minky in Winter White. finished size: 38x52