tardy for the party

as much as i draw inpsiration from perusing through kaffe fasset's quilt patterns, it hadn't occured to me to join in on a quilt along (which started on april 13th) until just the other night. i mean, i already started a diagonal madness quilt a few weeks ago...

and yes, i did cut into those erin mcmorris fabrics already. i just couldn't resist. i am going to make the yellow potpourri quilt with those. so with two kaffe fasset quilts technically started, i decided to join the quilt along being sponsored by STC Craft in celebration of the publication of kaffe's new book Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts.


everyone could use a little enhancement

i am very excited to have a new project in queue featuring these gorgeous erin mcmorris fabrics.

i managed to acquire the wildwood fabrics when they first came out, and sort of had buyer's remorse - it was one of those impulse buys and once i got them home i had no idea what to do with them. there they sat in the very small stash that i had started and i kept going back to them trying to figure out what was going to become of them.

then finally her new line, weekends came out. at first i thought they weren't really my style, until i started flipping through my kaffe fassett books (which i do quite regularly) and inspiration struck. i had the brilliant idea of adding to the wildwood cuts i already had and of course they coordinate beautifully.

now i am dying to start this project, even though i already have 4 wip's (not including my knitting wip's which i am too embarrassed to start to count) that need to get done. but anyone who knows me won't be surprised if i start cutting into these by next week.