quilt for michael

way back when...i think it was early june, michael z. asked me to create a quilt for him. the only parameters he gave me were it had to be blue with a hint of orange, he asked that i avoided florals, and it didn't matter about the pattern/design.

sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes... not so much.

i really struggled with the design part of it...did i want to go simple and modern? did i want to go funky or wonky? what about traditional or basic patchwork? nevermind, i'll go choose fabrics first - that's always fun.

the first thing i did was chose six fabrics in varying shades of blue, two more with orange in them, and one main orange fabric. once my order was placed (thanks to cynthia from fabricworm for all her help) i went back to wracking my brain and searching the internets for inspiration. still no luck.

then one day, while i was watching episodes of quilt in a day on my DVR, eleanor burns was demonstrating the silent star and comfort quilt. ding ding ding! for some reason, that block pattern was calling out to me.

in eleanor's demonstration, she uses lattice and cornerstones between the blocks. i felt that butting the more traditional block pattern up against each other would make the quilt seem more contemporary, so i left that out. to create a visual consistency since there was so much going on with the varying shades of blue and different types of pattern in each fabric, i decided to use aqua and white in the corners of the blocks to create the hourglass effect connecting the blocks.

the whole process took me quite a long time to complete, but in the end i am very happy with the quilt...i almost didn't want to give the quilt to it's new owner!