seeing red

i am working on a couple of quilts for a friend. it's taking me a bit longer than i would like, what with summertime activities and day to day life and all, i am actually getting to sew bits here and there. also, the designs i chose to do are bit more time consuming than i expected.

can you tell someone likes red?

so for the last month or so, my sewing room (aka dining room) has been a mess. and it looks like it will remain so for quite some time.


mom's birthday quilt

my mother recently asked me about making her a quilted "runner" for the foot of her bed. i didn't exactly know what that was, but when she explained that it was merely a strip that is put at the foot of the bed for decorative purposes, similar to a table runner. i asked her why not just get a regular sized blanket and fold it up lengthwise and keep it on the foot of the bed? that way if she got cold, she could unfold it and actually use it rather than have something there that doesn't serve a purpose.

this was the same weekend of her birthday, so imagine her surprise when i gave this quilt to her. she even exclaimed that it was the exact color scheme she chose to redo her bedroom in. a tangerine feature wall behind her bed, with sort of a grayish tan for the other three walls, with yellow accents around the room. perhaps i had a premonition?

backing is kona cotton in tangerine, binding is kona cotton in stone. front pieced with joel dewberry's aviary in yellow, sunburst in yellow, woodgrain in yellow and del hi monarch by valori wells. the first photo of this post shows the color most accurately.