another WIP

i know that i said i was going to get to the projects already in progress from last year (and even from 2011 !!) but i just couldn't resist cutting into this pile that has been sitting in my stash. i was having visions of mustard and grey.

i actually pulled these blocks out and had them on my table for a few days. i wanted to continue work on this quilt but after staring at the blocks for a while i just couldn't find the inspiration. i had a specific design in mind when i started these but i am having a hard time visualizing a finished quilt that i am going to love. not to say that i don't think the original design i had in mind would work out nicely, but i am just not feeling it at the moment.  

i still have these blocks out and the fabric is in my line of sight, but for now i'll continue working with chateau rouge. let's see how far i get...