i pushed myself to get this quilt top done.

normally when my interest level dips, i put the project aside and work on something else. but, i persevered and worked straight through on this one from start to finish with no specific deadline. i can't pat my self on the back just yet because this one went up on the hanger since i don't have the backing fabric. in fact, i don't even have an idea of what i want to do for the backing. solid? another print? flannel?

the bigger question is what to work on next. finish that sweater that just needs another inch of knitting before seaming begins?

yeah, i think i should work on that so i can put it to use this fall/winter season. although, i do have an itching to start on a christmas-y quilt!


patchwork squares progress

i've been making progress with my 1-square, 4-square, 9-square patchwork quilt.

so far, i am not sure i am loving it. i have been hoarding these French General fabrics for a couple of years, occasionally pulling them out to admire and pet them. i've finally pushed myself to cut into them and commit to a pattern and now i am just 'meh' about it. 

i had always intended on using the blues and greys together in one quilt and save the reds and creams another project, but for whatever reason i decided to throw them all into this one and i think that is what is throwing me off.

the rows layed out above have since been added and the quilt top has grown another two rows in addition all around since the photo above, so it's getting to a nice size.

i've also been distracted by another long term wip, a hugs and kisses quilt using prince charming by tula pink.

i've used up all the fabric i had in this line, so this is the size it will be. i typically like my quilts a bit larger so i am contemplating adding a couple more borders, what do you think: