look at the sky, it's the color of love

i've been sewing a little here and there still with no clear path to a finished design in mind, i do know that the two main elements to this project are 'medallion' style quilt and the three highlighter marker colors: blue, purple and pink. 

a friend pointed out that there is definitely a love theme going on here. i didn't intend there to be..but now i've got Sade stuck in my head.

foxfield should arrive any day now, i am anxiously awaiting their arrival while trying to think about what the next round wants to be. that's my excuse anyway for letting this one settle in a bit.


inspiration strikes

a while back I found inspiration for a color scheme in a drawing done entirely with purple, blue and pink highlighters. since then, I have been collecting fabrics from Tula Pink and Anna Maria Horner as well as a couple of solid stacks from Pink Chalk fabrics.

I finally decided to cut into them and start on something. at this point, I have a loose concept for a quilt design but I haven't drawn anything out so this may change.

I fell in love with a mini quilt made from a cross stitch block that I saw on pinterest, and later found the tutorial on the Pile O' Fabric blog.