after a brief hiatus, i got back to working (and made some progress) on the highlighter quilt.

this round took me a bit of time, to the point where i am a little tired of looking at it. so instead of putting it away, i moved it to the side while i think about what i want to do for the next round.

in the meantime, this weekend i pulled out an old w.i.p., and when i say old...i mean embarrassingly old. as in started this one more than two years ago, old? ugh. it started with panier de fleurs, by french general and with the release of le bouquet francais i've been inspired to pick it back up. the original concept for this quilt was "patriotic picnic". i've changed the design a bit but kept to the concept of squares only.

added this one to the pile initially because i ran out of fabric after cutting all the large outside squares...i did make a quick jaunt one weekend to the French General shop, where i was lucky enough to find the same prints i needed. when i got home with the extra yardage, i just put it on the shelf with the quilt top and there it sat ever since!

in the meantime, i have started coordinating my floral arrangements to my craft projects.

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