apparently Saturday was "visit your local quilt shop" day. once I got wind of the news, I had to make a stop (and an excuse) to buy some fabric to make something "valentine's-y". I didn't find anything in the shop that appealed to me for a v-day theme so instead of leaving what do I end up picking up instead?

a couple of stash builders, and of course a few orange cuts because...you can never have enough orange? ok, I admit I have collected greys, blacks and oranges over the years with the intention of eventually making an orange black quilt. since I started this collection, my taste (and concept) for the orange & black quilt have changed. I started amassing reproduction fabrics in this color scheme which I am much more excited about and these more modern prints have just sat in my stash.

so for some reason, I have been obsessed with trying to sew a zipper into something. It really makes no sense to me since what I really need to do is install a zipper in that urban aran cardigan that I finished seaming last week..i guess I am concerned with installing a zipper into knitting which seems more challenging. but I digress. because of this obsession, I stopped into joann's after the quilt shop to look at zippers, and a lightbulb went off...why don't I make a pillow with a zipper closure? perfect.

I walk into joann's and was easily distracted by the fabric sale going on..thinking I would look at the latest DS Quilts line and the next thing I know I have stacks of bolts of fabric in my cart. I whittled them down, basically eliminated the floral themes and walked out with these:

I was very excited to find a whole range of orange and black in the DS Quilt line and the concept for my current project was born: a series of throw pillows in orange and black.

the first is the forgotten five mini quilt by Karen Ackva. I still need to make the back with the zipper closure, but in the meantime I started another front:

this is based on the barn bats block tutorial by Elizabeth Hartman. I have a couple more to sew together for this series, I know I definitely have time before Halloween to get them done, but my goal is still Valentine's Day!


First Finish of 2014

this was a good one to start the year with because i was guaranteed to get it done quickly - sort of like cheating, but not.

considering how many starts i made last year that are now in the closet as a finished quilt top waiting for basting (x2), unfinished quilt top (x2), quilt in progress - blocks made but not assembled (x3), project planned but not started - fabric purchased (x3), not to mention a seamless hybrid i started on christmas eve, the unfinished knitted items i pulled out to force me to get done (as if sitting in the living room cluttering up space is going to make me work on them!) i needed something to be completed.

but i digress. i give you, Pom Pom It!:

project particulars
pattern: Pom Pom It! by Stephen West (ravelry link)
needles: clover bamboo size US 6 16" circulars, US 6 dpns
yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted; leftovers of #68-violetas and #123-rhodesian

thank heavens for small projects, between this hat and the sweet treats bags i have a real sense of accomplishment.